restaurant review: The Hart and the Hunter

I really wanted to like this place.  Based on the reviews, I thought it would be great.  With all of the amazing food in this town, it’s hard to believe you can get a bad meal.  I have to say, the biscuits were all they were cracked up to be–buttery, rich and flakey.  Each biscuit came with one blackberry and about 1/4 teaspoon of honey butter.  They also came with a potted cheese dip, but since we had already ordered that, didn’t bother with it a second time.  The shrimp and grits:  shrimp had no flavor, grits had a strange texture, and the entire dish was overpowered by bacon (which I do love, but in this case it should not have overtaken the entire dish).  The hangar steak was tough (although medium rare) and did not taste like it came from a cow.  The marrow was a tasteless glob of fat.  The corn bread was dry.  I suppose I could go on, but it’s not worth it.  Based on all the great reviews, perhaps they were having an off night, however, given all of the fabulous dining opportunities elsewhere, I think I’ll pass on another visit here.


About Sharon L. Younkin

Sharon Younkin is Interested in literature, art, travel, food, wine and interesting things
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